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Tuffigo Rapidex product range 


Gestion de l'élevage


of livestock

Management and control of ambient conditions

Athis DTC : Air inlet regulator for all species

Athis RGV : Room controller for dynamic buildings with progressive ventilation

AVIbox : Computer for managing the poultry building ventilation

AVItouch : Computer for the overall management of the poultry building

IZYpig : Computer for the management of ambient conditions in the pig buildings

LABELbox : The complete management of a LABEL building

Senso Gaz CO2 : Automated CO² sensor

SERENITY : Computer for the overall management of the poultry building


Animal weighing

IZYpes : Management of a pig weighing pan

Poultry weighing : Kit for automated monitoring of poultry weighing on Avitouch

PESbox : Computer for automated real-time monitoring of poultry weight



NEO alarm : Alarm all species

Trans 8 : Fault reporting by telephone or mobile phone

4N transmitter : Fault reporting by telephone

VIGEbox : Interactive, connected alarm (remotely viewed and programmed)



Air inflow

AirIn- AirInMix : Air inflow chimney

KanAir Start Inlet : Air inlet

Kan'diff 2 Inlet: Air intake flap (parallel flow)



Air-X : Gentle ventilation from the first moments

ECblue fans : Energy-saving fans.

T-AirX : Powerful and cost- effective air extraction turbine


Bien être


High-pressure fogging : Mist pump for all types of livestock buildings

Cocoon : Air mixing and air cooling system for cattle buildings



PULSA led : New generation LED lighting intended for free-range poultry farming 

Corax : LED technology saving you energy in pig farming


Management and control of feeding

DRYbox : Computer for managing the dry feed of pigs with 3 management modes

FEEDbox : Computer for managing the liquid feeding of pigs (soup)

PRECIbox : Computer for the weighing and automatic dispensing of dry feed for poultry

WINDTOfeed : Multipurpose computer for the management of pig feeding: soup, pre-soup, multiphasic, home mill, water

WINDTOfeed Farrowing : Individualised feeding during farrowing



Capacitive sensor : Feed or liquid sensor

Polyester silo : Dry feed silo all species

Silo weighing


DRY Pig Feed

DISTRImat : Screw and coil for the dispensing of dry pig feed

DISTRIsec : Complete dry feed dispensing system for pigsties



TANDEM soup : Liquid feeding system (soup) for pigs

DISTRIsoup : Liquid feeding system (soup) for pigs


Poultry feeding

DEMES45c : Broiler food bowl optimised for the starting and finishing phases

SPIREmat : Feed dispensing system for poultry (screw, line, feeders)


Connected applications and services

FARMwell.Control :Supervision software to view and control all regulators in pig farming

MYtuffigorapidex : Secure server for storing, saving and sharing all livestock data

Web Dialog Pack : Internet connection kit for AVItouch, AVIbox and PESbox


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