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Ventilation concepts


Tuffigo Rapidex's ventilation solutions for livestock buildings.


In order to grow in the best conditions, animals have fundamental needs:


  • High health and hygiene levels 
  • Food in sufficient quantity and quality / water 
  • physical comfort

- Oxygen in sufficient quantity

- Adequate temperature

- An environment conducive to welfare (relative humidity, reduction of heavy gases, etc.)


Good environmental conditions inside the building are among these fundamental animal needs.


The key factors for a good environment are:


Oxygène Temperature Gaz Nocif Eau  Vitesse d'air
Oxygenation Temperature


Harmful gases

Water Air speed



Our different concepts are presented below according to building type and outside weather:


in poultry buildings:


 High Extraction Ventilation  Ventilation Tunnel  Lateral ventilation
 100% High extraction


100% Tunnel


Bilateral >> Tunnel


High extraction >> Tunnel



Tuffigo Rapidex offers qualitative, easy-to-navigate, comprehensive solutions: ventilation, feeding, water dispensing, environment management, parameter control, weighing, lighting.


Our products can be installed on existing livestock buildings, as part of livestock building renovations or as part of livestock building creations.